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Design Engineering 

კატეგორია სამრეწველო საქონელი  სამრეწველო საქონელი 



Swedish Exhibition Centre (Svenska Massan)


Design Engineering Expo is the best place in the Sweden market to exhibit every type of system, tool and technology for manufacturing companies. Design Engineering is recognized as one of the most important exhibitions among designers and developers from all areas of the manufacturing industry. In the booths, exhibitors and visitors discu
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 

კატეგორია ავტომობილები  ავტომობილები 



Elmia Exhibition Halls


Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2011 is one of the leading trade fair for Automotive industry in Sweden. The exhibition will showcase the latest accessories for car and bike. The event will be held between 22-25 April 2011 at Elmia Exhibition Halls which is being organized by Elmia Exhibition Halls.
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Plastteknik Oresund 

კატეგორია პლასტმასი და პლასტიკი   პლასტმასი და პლასტიკი  



Malmo Arena


Plastteknik Oresund is Absolutely the best plastics technology fair, it was the best of the three plastics technology fairs so far. Plastteknik Oresund has one of the biggest exhibition area for plastic products in Sweden, recognized as one of the most professional and representative plastics exhibition. This Expo is Organized by EasyFai
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კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



Kista Expo Center


Medicinteknik & Medicinsk IT is one of the premier exhibition for medical and pharmaceutical industry in Stockholm. This is 2 days event which proves to be successful in attracting large number of buyers and sellers from all over the world. The event will be taking place at the Kista Expo Center.
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კატეგორია მუსიკალური ინსტრუმენტები  მუსიკალური ინსტრუმენტები 



Stockholm Exhibition and Congress Center


Ljud Ljus Bild is the Nordic region's largest trade fairs for sound, light, image and mediateknik. The majority of Sweden's and Europe's leading providers of professional equipment and services in the fields of sound, light, image, media, etc. will present the smartest and most innovative ideas and products.
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Heart Failure 

კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre


The Heart Failure Association arranged by the European Society of Cardiology prepared another wonderful program for the heart failure. More than 70 sessions in 6 lecture rooms planned for an audience of cardiologists, internists, general Physicians, basic scientists, epidemiologists, nurses affiliates and other health providers. In this c
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Logistics & Transport 

კატეგორია რკინიგზა, გემი, ავიაცია  რკინიგზა, გემი, ავიაცია 



Swedish Exhibition Centre (Svenska Massan)


Logistics & Transport is Scandinavia's leading trade fair and conference in logistics and transport. Logistics & Transport the focus will be the encounters in combination with more profitable business further to enhance your competitiveness. ERP/Supply Chain Management, Transport Administration Systems, Identification, data c
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კატეგორია მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა  მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა 



Elmia Exhibition Halls


SkogsElmia is an Elmia's forestry fairs to actively demonstrate forestry machinery and equipment for modern silviculture in its proper element- out in the forest. SkogsElmia is a live fair with vivid demonstrations which truly reflect Scandinavian forestry. At this show forest owners, entrepreneurs and machine suppliers meet during a
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Elmia Games Fair 

კატეგორია სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები  სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები 



Elmia Exhibition Halls


Elmia Games Fair is Sweden's Premier trade fair for Hunting, Hound, Fishing and Game Preservation industry. This expo will be held at Elmia Exhibition Halls, Jonkoping, Sweden from 02 to 05 June 2011 & organized by Elmia Fairs. Elmia Games Fair providing a suitable setting for manufacturers of guns, hunting vehicles, shooting, fi
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The Electronic HomeShopping Conference 

კატეგორია ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა  ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა 



Grand Hotel Stockholm


The Electronic Home Shopping Conference has been one of the best events in the field of electronic products. As, it provides a place where companies can easily earn the publicity for their latest products because the companies will find a platform . The companies will have a great opportunity to expand their business in new regions as the
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