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Wedding Bells 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Mumbai World Trade Centre


Wedding Bells is a grand wedding exhibition which provide the best merchandising platform for buyers, merchants and suppliers in the wedding industry to meet with a mass of overseas clients which may unfold and develop contacts, businesses, co-operations, brand promotion and other business opportunities. The event will be held between 19
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Future Fair Dhanbad 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



Kala Bhawan


Future Fair Dhanbad will provides a best opportunities and information for various Educational Institutions/Universities in India and abroad. This is one of the premier exhibition in India which will be taking place at the Kala Bhawan, Dhanbad and held between 21-22 Apr 2011.
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India International Education & Career Fair-Renukoot 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



Kalyan Mandpam


India International Education & Career Fair-Renukoot will provide a best platform of education & careers and held series events in different cities of the India, where the efficient & deserving candidates could get proper information regarding educational institute and career opportunities. It will attract many visitors &
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Coimbatore Kids Expo 

კატეგორია სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები  სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები 



Ramakrishna Mahal


NEW Coimbatore Kids Expo, a new annual tradition sure to please the whole family. The event features 20,000 square feet with over 100 exhibitors, local celebrity guests and interactive fun for every aspect of life. The Coimbatore Kids Expo welcomes a selection of exhibitors who greet attendees with interactive stalls, fun activities, new
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The Designers World 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Hotel Courtyard Marriot


Designer's world is a glamourous exhibition of 2 days bringing together the upcoming and high end fashion designers , jewellery designers, handicrafts, Designer bags, Furniture, Designer home decor, and accessories, Designer footwear and much more. immense sales potential with brand recognition
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PharmaTech Expo 

კატეგორია მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა  მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა 



Lalbagh Palace Ground


PharmaTech Expo 2011 is organized by Pvt. Ltd. a KNS group of company jointly organised with Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association(IDMA). The event will be held concurrently with Indiamart Indexpo at Indore, Madhya Pradesh from April 22 to 24, 2011. The main objectives of organizing this event are, to proje
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Fashionista Lifestyle Exhibition - Nagpur 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Hotel Centre Point


Fashionista Lifestyle Exhibition - Nagpur offer the various cities bringing a large contingent of renowned exhibitors displaying best of the best products in the field of Lifestyle, Fashion & accessories, from all over India-all under one roof. Fashionista Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition truly depict the fashion and style as name s
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Kitchen & Beyond 

კატეგორია არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება  არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება 



Himachal Bhawan


Kitchen & Beyond 2011 has been conceptualized as a platform to bring in attractive and innovative kitchen products to address the changing demands of a new modern kitchen. It will also focus on the latest kitchen concepts and accessories, utensils, cookware, energy efficient kitchen appliances, outdoor contemporary kitchen concepts, f
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Furniture & Decor Fair 

კატეგორია ავეჯი  ავეჯი 



Pune College of Engineering Ground, Shivajinagar


Furniture & Decor Fair gives international exporters the opportunity to exhibit exclusive modern furniture. This prestigious event is designed as a potential marketing tool for offering ample business opportunities for those involved in commercial and residential furniture, decor and interior design industry.
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Future Fair-Ranchi 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



Hotel Capitol Hill


Future Fair-Ranchi is one of the biggest education fairs that provides brilliant opportunities for recruiting students. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase and promote your institution to a targeted and receptive audience in two wealthy and education conscious cities in Ranchi. The exhibition is being organized by Fair Planners Pr
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