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Mocon S-Hertogenbosch 

კატეგორია სამრეწველო საქონელი  სამრეწველო საქონელი 





Mocon S-Hertogenbosch is the absolute leading trade fair for Industrial Goods & Machinery industry. Motion control equipment & systems industrial automation, linear guidance systems & motors, servomotors, soft starters, stepping motors. It is An important regional event for the northern and eastern parts of the Netherlands.
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Georgian marketplace sign up



კატეგორია საჩუქრები და რეწვა  საჩუქრები და რეწვა 



Jaarbeurs Utrecht


The Artantique is one of the top notch events to be held in the industry related to Arts and antiques. The event will be hosting around 75 art and antique dealers and gallery owners from all over the world. The show will be displaying the different variety of antiques from contemporary art to vintage design. This show provides an opportun
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Construction & Shipping Industry 

კატეგორია რკინიგზა, გემი, ავიაცია  რკინიგზა, გემი, ავიაცია 



Evenementenhal Gorinchem


Construction & Shipping Industry is one of the specialized exhibition which is going to be held at Evenementenhal Gorinchem from 10th May2011 to 12th May 2011 and is entirely dedicated to the subjects of shipbuilding and shipping. This exhibition is an annual event which takes place every year. This event continues for three days. The
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Art Amsterdam 

კატეგორია საჩუქრები და რეწვა  საჩუქრები და რეწვა 



Amsterdam RAI


Art Amsterdam consists of the work of four young artists who operate internationally and have recently completed their period of work at the institute. Wild at Heart reflects the current urgency of four highly individual positions in contemporary art. Art Amsterdam will be held from 11 to 15 May 2011.
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Industry & Environment 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Rotterdam Ahoy


The second edition of Industry & Environment will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. The specialised program of this second edition is prove of the appreciation and support that Industry & Environment is receiving from the market. easyFairs has brought this event to a higher level; it is a leading environmental platform for professiona
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PLMA World Private Label 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Amsterdam RAI


PLMA World Private Label offers your company a major opportunity to enter and penetrate the lucrative and expanding Netherlands markets. It will bring together a regional audience of Buyers and Decision Makers who are looking for manufacturers and suppliers that can help them in creating Own Label and Private Branded products.
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The International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 

კატეგორია მოდის აქსესუარები  მოდის აქსესუარები 



Amterdam RAI congresscenter


The International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention has the unique distinction of being the largest tattoo convention in Benelux (i.e. Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). The Event generates massive interest among tattoo lovers and artists. Many distinct global names from the tattoo industry make their presence felt at the event. The event ca
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კატეგორია საჩუქრები და რეწვა  საჩუქრები და რეწვა 



Evenementen Venray


The CollectionZ is one the best shows held in Venray related to the companies and institutions dealing in Home and Decorations. The event will last for three days. One can also find complete range of products for outdoor living. The event provides perfect business opportunity to its members with collection Z as they introduced new techniq
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Brandweer Vakdagen 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Evenementenhal Gorinchem


Brandweer Vakdagen is one of the famous events which is going to be held from 7th to 9th June 2011. This event is going to be organized first time at the premises of the Evenementenhal Gorinchem. This is a three days long event and is wholly dedicated to fire industry. The main objective behind organizing this event is to promote the diff
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Cinema Expo 

კატეგორია მედია და რეკლამა  მედია და რეკლამა 



Amsterdam RAI


Cinema Expo is the most important event for the European cinema theatre industry. Exhibiting at Cinema Expo is your entrie into the multi billion-dollar European theatre industry. Each year top decision-makers look forward to evaluating new products and services from companies like yours.
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