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კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Damascus International Fairground


Climatech is the most important regional event, which gathers expertise from all over the world in the Air conditioning and refrigeration, heating and alternative energy sectors. The exhibition will be held between 26 to 30 Sep 2011 at Damascus International Fairground & will be organized by Syrian International Marketing Association.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Trade Fair for the water & sewage industry 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Kielce Trade Fair Centre


Trade Fair for the water & sewage industry expo is related to the water and sewage sector. Development in this area is necessary and possible providing that effective cooperation is ensured not only between water and sewage companies, but also between all people, firms and organizations which are capable of making their, sometimes eve
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Water & Air Technologies 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Football Manege Sport Complex


Water & Air Technologies is the 5th international specialized exhibition for Water and Air Technology. The show features Water Supply, Water Preparation, Drainage Systems, Resources Saving and Nature Protecting Technologies, Air Conditioners, Ventilation and Fans, Air Moistening, Drying, Cleaning and Ionizing Appliances. The show will
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SHKG Leipzig 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Leipzig Exhibition Centre


SHKG Leipzig is an indispensable platform for the presentation of new products, services and innovative technologies in the fields of sanitation, heating, air-conditioning and building automation. It is the ideal place in which to meet decision-makers and consumers from the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning processing trades and in
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International Fair of Environmental Protection 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Belgrade Fair Grounds


International Fair of Environmental Protection - ECOFair is a specialized event with a wide product range, in accordance with the present ecological requirements. Elements of environmental protection: water, air and land. This is the platform solutions for the environmental protection. This is the 8th edition of the event.
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Kuwait Waste Management Conference & Exhibition 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Hilton Kuwait Resort


Kuwait Waste Management Conference & Exhibition provides a unique platform for regional and international organizations to showcase their latest in technology, products and services related to the industry of waste management to the largest gathering of governmental, municipal and private sector waste and recycling professionals in Ku
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Water Med 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Fiera Milano


Water Med is being organized by Artenergy Publishing Srl. The event provides a workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects, among thm water and waste water treatment. The event will be held between 19 to 21Oct 2011 at Fiera Milano.
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Pollutec Maroc 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Casablanca International Fairgrounds


Pollutec Maroc 2011 is the 1st International exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services. This is the only event dedicated to environmental issues and challenges in morocco. The exhibition is being organized by Reed Expositions France.
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Viet Water 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



GiangVo Exhibition Centre & Fairground


Viet Water is widely recognized by the industry as the key industry forum in Indonesia comprising an international expo, conference and technology symposium. It is the venue where top regional decision makers meet and talk business.
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Aquatech Amsterdam 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Amsterdam RAI


Aquatech Amsterdam - one new exhibition of the Amsterdam Rai. With the advancement of civilization, specialists are aware that more and more efforts are needed to supply the necessery quantities of fresh water and to ensure the purity of water.
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