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Gulf Environment Forum 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Jeddah Hilton

Jeddahსაუდის არაბეთი

Gulf Environment Forum is the first all encompassing environmental event in Jeddah. This prestigious forum and exhibition will bring international clients across all environmental sectors for a chance to exchange ideas and discuss solutions for a cleaner and brighter future. For three days the event will be taking place at the Hilton Jedd
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Saudi Water Technology 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center- RICEC

Riyadhსაუდის არაბეთი

Saudi Water Technology, exhibition and associated conference, seminars and workshops, are being held concurrently with the prestigious Saudi Agriculture, the largest agriculture show in the Middle East. Events take place at the International Convention & Exhibition Center- RICEC, located on King Abdullah Road next to Prince Salman Soc
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Aquatech China 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Shanghai International Convention Center(SICEC)


Aquatech China will be an unmissable event with all sectors of the process, drinking and waste water industries presented under one roof. The exhibition will be carefully divided into six dedicated segments, ensuring that visitors can easily find their way to their areas of interest.
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Waste Tech Exhibtion 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center


Waste Tech - International Trade Fair on Waste Management, Recycling and Environmental Technology is international trade fair and congress on Waste Management, Recycling and environmental technology. This is event is supported by Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation, The Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federatio
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კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Parc des Expositions de Tours


NEW MATERIALS RECYCLING BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM is a landmark tradeshow that allows the complete industry of recycling professionals to come together under one roof and leverage the business opportunities available in the field of waste management, waste recovery and recycling and manufacture of equipments dedicated to producing new materials.
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Indo Water 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Jakarta Convention Centre


Indo Water is widely recognized by the industry as the key industry forum in Indonesia comprising an international expo, conference and technology symposium. It is the venue where top regional decision makers meet and talk business.
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Indo Waste 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Jakarta Convention Centre


Indo Waste 2011 is the world's most comprehensive fair for practical solutions to problems in all fields of waste disposal and environment technology. Indo Waste will be held at Jakarta Convention Center.
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Water Treatment & Fluid Pump Valve & Pipe Exhibition for South China 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center


Water Treatment & Fluid Pump Valve & Pipe Exhibition for South China is a premier annual water purification and treatment exhibition in China. The Water Expo will attract more than 11100 visitors & buyers from 20 industries. 230 exhibitors from 18 countries will participating in the event. This is the 13th edition of the sess
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კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Expo Centre Nasrec

Johannesburgსამხრეთ აფრიკის რესპუბლიკა

Afriwater aims to facilitate the provision and delivery of sustainable and affordable fresh water and sanitation to the people of South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. Afriwater has grown to become the largest water, waste and environmental technology exhibition of its kind in South Africa ? a forum where suppliers and key local
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CO2 Expo 

კატეგორია გადამუშავება  გადამუშავება 



Rome Exhibition Center


CO2 Expo is an international exhibition on climate changes, CO2 reduction and the carbon credit market sector. This is the 7th edition of the session which will be held between 14-16 September 2011 at the Rome Fair Centre. It is an exceptional showcase for national & international companies of the sector and a great opportunity to exp
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