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კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



Toulouse Parc des expositions


Event Gathering all those involved in the Disability and Dependency Sector with the Goal of Improving Autonomy for People at Home and in Institutions. It offer technical solutions and advices for a better autonomy of disabled people and elderly dependants in their everyday life.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Salon Del L Immobilier Cote D azar 

კატეგორია უძრავი ქონების აგენტები  უძრავი ქონების აგენტები 



Aeroport International De Cannes-Mamdelieu


Salon Del L Immobilier Cote D azar, the premier realty investment and development exposition, is an unique opportunity for the France and International real estate communities to come together for networking and showcasing their present and future developments. The event will taking place between 22-24 April 2011 at the Aeroport internati
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Enerbat - Cote D Azur 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Aeroport International De Cannes-Mamdelieu


Enerbat - Cote D Azur is an international platform for the construction industry of communication, learning and trade.The event will displays areas and affiliated exhibitions will be held to show in a more direct the latest technology and products in sustainable building industry.
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International Antiquarian Book Fair Paris 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Grand Palais


The Paris International Antiquarian Book Fair organized by the National Union of Antiquarian Booksellers is going to be held on 29th April to 1st May 2011 in France. People from across the world come here to exhibit their exceptional documents of vast diversity. This book fair has been very famous among people of all the ages. It can be t
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SINAL Exhibition 

კატეგორია მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა  მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა 



Foire de Chalons en Champagne


SINAL Exhibition is the first professional meetings for agricultural resource non-feed valuation, in a sustainable development approach. Today, agricultural production adapts and diversifies itself to meet sustainable development challenges. Agricultural resources become major investments for our future when facing the programmed disappea
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კატეგორია სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა  სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა 



Perpignan Parc Des Expositions De


MedFel is the only event from Mediterranean Rim created to promote your products, your know-how and where you can meet more than 8 000 professionals from all over the world. Which will be held at Parc Des Expositions De Perpignan from 4 to 6 May 2011 & Organized by Adhesion Group.
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Foire de Paris 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Paris Porte de Versailles


Foire de Paris is one of leading exhibition for Fashion Accessories Expo and Household Appliances that gives you excellent opportunity to sale or purchase innovative and qualitative products and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.
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Solutions Linux Open Source 

კატეგორია კომპიუტერი და IT  კომპიუტერი და IT 



CNIT Paris La Defense


Solutions Linux is the European reference impossible to circumvent dedicated to solutions GNU/LINUX, free Open Source and Software for all the public companies, services and the administrations. IT managers, C-level executives, developers, system administrators, decision makers will be targeting CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, IT/IS Professionals
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კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Parc des Expositions de Tours


FAIR TOURS is an important event of the Vietnamese tours and travel industry that brings the best of Vietnamese hospitality and tourism to be explored by international markets. The show gives the perfect platform for visitors to get a real taste of the authentic hospitality first hand from the manufacturers.
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Tradexpo Paris 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Parc des expositions du Bourget


Tradexpo Paris is one a leading event offering the widest choice on the market for consumer products for the house and family. This expo is one of the biggest business hub for suppliers and buyers to meet. This fair provides an excellent opportunity for all entrepreneurs and new companies to work along with leading well-established and c
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