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Contamination Control & Cleanroom Products Exhibition 

კატეგორია მრეწველობა და რემონტი  მრეწველობა და რემონტი 



National Exhibition Centre(NEC)

Birminghamდიდი ბრიტანეთი

The 3C (Contamination Control & Cleanroom Products) Exhibition will provides a opportunity to those involved in the protection and prevention of particle infection to personnel, products, or the environment. This is the place where you Meet with suppliers who understand the requirements and needs of your industry, from automotive to m
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Tecma Madrid 

კატეგორია მრეწველობა და რემონტი  მრეწველობა და რემონტი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

Beautiful things for a happy living is the key philosophy for the event dedicated to what is behind high spirits, harmony and peace both within and without. Manufacturers and suppliers will find the event is a powerful tool for promoting their products.
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Industrial Processing 

კატეგორია მრეწველობა და რემონტი  მრეწველობა და რემონტი 



Jaarbeurs Utrecht


Industrial Processing is the leading trade fair for all the manufacturing companies in the Benelux area. It offers visitors a complete overview of manufacturing and industrial solutions. The show is being organized by V. N. U. Exhibitions Europe, and will be held at Jaarbeurs Utrecht from Oct. 05 to Oct. 08, 2010.
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Vending Paris 

კატეგორია მრეწველობა და რემონტი  მრეწველობა და რემონტი 



Paris Porte de Versailles


Vending Paris Expo is a one-stop solution as well as new business sourcing centre offering unlimited potential to the most discerning people. The expo is designed to showcase manufacturers, suppliers and vendors of Self service equipment and products for helping save the unnecesserary wastage of time, providing quicker service and cost ef
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