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China Brand 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegasაშშ

China Brand is 4 days event for exploring new business potential in Household Consumables sector. The show gives a comprehensive view of varied televisions, vacuum, cleaners, refrigerators, hairdryers, to electric kitchen products, apparel, including silk products. Held at Las Vegas Convention Center, USA, the event is organized by Niels
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Georgian marketplace sign up


LIFE INSTYLE - Melbourne 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Royal Exhibition Building


Far from your average trade show, Life In style presents a unique trade fair featuring high caliber exhibitors, showing some of the best products on offer from Australia and abroad under one roof. Life In style offers a more intimate experience to those buyers, looking for the most exclusive and new designer brands in the country. Life In
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Ohio State Fair 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Ohio Expo Center


Ohio State Fair is one of the largest state fairs in the United States. The event offers good prospects to gauge the potential of the African market for overseas companies, and for their domestic counterparts. Ohio State Fair provides them the opportunity to increase their visibility in market.
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Christian Business Expo - Greenville 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Haywood Mall


Christian Business Expo - Greenville provides a family-oriented forum for Christian owned and operated businesses, ministries and non-profits to grow and prosper through promoting their products, services and programs to the public and networking with each other. Christian Business Expo - Greenville will be held at Haywood Mall.
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Ramadan & Eid Exhibition 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Kuwait International Fair Ground


Ramadan & Eid Exhibition will include specialised markets such as carpets, and antiques, gold and watches, computers and mobile phones. Ramadan & Eid Exhibition is a dedicated consumer event aimed at helping companies capitalise on the market buoyancy during the festive season.
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Almaty International Fair 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Atakent Exhibition Center


Almaty International Fair is a multi-sector exhibition of consumer products, the product categories include, but are not limited to: Home Style, Household Consumables, Gift & Souvenirs, Cosmetics & Beauty Products, Accessories, Clothing, Footwear, Haberdashery, Jewellery & Watches.
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Iowa State Fair 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Iowa State Fairgrounds

Des Moinesაშშ

IOWA State Fair is America's classic State Fair show that allows visitors to enjoy and celebrate the fun and festivities of Iowa. IOWO State Fair is internationally known for attracting approximately million of fun loving visitors from across the world. The state fair is a must see event and this year the state fair is scheduled for
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Vegetarian Products Expo 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Austin Convention Center


Vegetarian Products Expo event gives you the platform to meet the manufacturers and service providers of Vegetarian, Vegan and Cruelty-free products. Come to see and sample new product launches keep current with industry trends, gain brand awareness, network with industry professionals, take advantage of show specials, find and place orde
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კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Amsterdam RAI


proPSI is the new event for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Europe's promotional products industry. proPSI is a platform where the whole promotional products industry of Europe meets. The proPSI sets itself apart from all other exhibitions in Europe. You cannot afford to miss it.
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კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex


Japan DIY Homecenter Show is the premier Homemaker Event. It is the ONLY major international home show based in fastest growing metropolitan region. The show will enable public to buy household products from the manufacturers directly.
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