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Ambiente Japan 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)


Ambiente Japan is an international trade show focusing on a broad range of innovative, quality consumer goods. It opens its door for the eleventh time to present high quality and innovative products from Europe and all over the world.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Expo Gateway To Middle East 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Middle East Fair Ground Fair


After accomplishing 5th Expo Gateway to Middle East with the support of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkish Governments and the organization of Forum Fairs & Promotions Co. Inc. on Gaziantep Middle East Exhibition Center, Turkey 24 - 27 June 2010, Exhibiton scope was all near and Middle East Countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran,
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World Of Childhood Armenia 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Yerevan Exhibition Center


World Of Childhood Armenia creates an opportunity for the Armenian consumers to get acquainted with children's products of the Armenian and foreign companies, the education of children, as well as with the activities of companies applying the latest methods of children`s leisure- time. World Of Childhood Armenia organized by Logos Ex
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Hearth & Home Exhibition 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Harrogate International Centre

Harrogateდიდი ბრიტანეთი

The 2011 Hearth and Home Exhibition are in its 15th consecutive year of showcasing for the fireplace industry. The event also includes gas, electric, multi and solid fuel appliances like stoves, fires and range cookers, ceramics, brassware and fire surrounds in every imaginable substance. The exhibition has not only Up-market products but
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კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Earls Court Exhibition Centre

Londonდიდი ბრიტანეთი

Pulse-London is London's major international summer gift and interior accessories show. It is an opportunity to witness the new lines for Autumn. Pulse provides buyers with an exclusive opportunity to source the very best in design-led products, from stylish classics to exciting contemporary creations.
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Exclusively Housewares 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Business Design Centre

Londonდიდი ბრიტანეთი

Exclusively Housewares is one of the top most events offering the best in house-wares and tabletop related products. The show was started in the year 2002 and from then it is witnessing continuously growing popularity. With the upcoming edition it will complete its 10th edition of its kind. Earlier it was started on a small scale but thes
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Plastec East 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

New Yorkაშშ

Plastec East is an international regional-leading trade fair. Plastec is known to be the leading specialized exhibition of its kind in the MENA region. Plastec is considered to be the natural venue for machinery manufacturers interested in international expansion for their products throughout the Middle East as the traders and investors f
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China International Consumer Goods Fair 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Ningbo International Conference Exhibition Center


China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) is the largest and most professional international consumer goods fair in China, which ranks only second to Canton Fair among all the exhibitions sponsored by Ministry of Commerce.
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Bionazur Exhibition 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Nice Palais des Expositions


For 3 days, Bionazur Exhibition will be hosted by Nicexpo. It will be held at Nice Palais des Expositions and is a highly specialized exhibition of different products related to Food, Beauty, Health, Hygiene, Shoes, Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry, Decor, Eco-products, Institutions, Gardening, Tools, Bedding, Household Linens, Textiles. It is
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Chengdu Houseware Leisure Goods & Gifts Fair 

კატეგორია საყოფაცხოვრებო  საყოფაცხოვრებო 



Chengdu New International Convention & Exposition Center


Chengdu Houseware Leisure Goods & Gifts Fair is one of the leading trade fair in China. The exhibition will provides a opportunity to meet all the related professional under one roof at Chengdu New International Convention & Exposition Center. The event will be held between 17 to 19 Jun 2011 which being organized by Reed Huabo Exh
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