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ესპანეთი - მიმდინარე და უახლოესი გამოფენები და ფორუმები ამ ქვეყანაში
ავტოთარგმანის  ბეტა  ვერსია. თარგმნის ხარისხი შეიძლება არ იყოს კარგი


კატეგორია მოგზაურობა და ტურიზმი  მოგზაურობა და ტურიზმი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

The landmark exhibition for the hospitality industry has been designed to optimise the tourist potential and enhance the visitor flow across established and emerging destinations all over the country. An exclusive media plan has been structured for the event which will tremendously enhance the footfalls & ensure a wide publicity to th
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Cevisama Expo 

კატეგორია არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება  არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება 



Feria Valencia


Cevisama Expo, the programme of events aimed at architects, interior and other designers organised by the International Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings Show is this year launching an Architecture and Design Forum.
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კატეგორია სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა  სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა 





FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA MAQUINARIA AGRICOLA (FIMA) the event in the agricultural world will once again, be the traditional meeting place for farmers, mechanization and technology, an event which will provide to the farmer with all the support he needs to ensure better yields and more profitable results, allowing him to face the problema
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კატეგორია საჩუქრები და რეწვა  საჩუქრები და რეწვა 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

ARCO Madrid is a different kind of show, which entirely dedicated to contemporary arts and its environs. Mission of the show is to promote contemporary art and cultural heritage. The show will provide a space for making business relationships and to open the doors to new businesses especially in the concerned sector. ARCO Madrid event wi
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Expo Optica 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

Expo Optica is your gateway to the optical market of Spain. With the recovery of the Spanish economy, eyewear consumption has been growing strong. Many Infra Expo Optica exhibitors reportes an increase in on-site sales over the previous year, and imports of foreign eyewear and optical products have also been on the rise. All signs indicat
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Expo Dental 

კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

This is the largest dental conference and exhibition in Spain. This exhibition is a leading forum for specialists from all over Spain, a place to exchange experience, present new developments and find partners.
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Aula Madrid 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

A unique platform for Education Professionals looking to maximise access to the latest trends and innovations in education and reach the largest potential mass market. To enhance contacts and facilitate business among players & decision makers in the Education Sector.
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კატეგორია სამრეწველო საქონელი  სამრეწველო საქონელი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

SICUR brings together the Security sector with an integral focus: health and safety at work, protection against acts of aggression, the prevention of fire and any type of emergency situation, as well as the prevention of the different risks. It is a security event in the widest sense of the word, both public and private. It is the most si
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Packaging Innovations Barcelona 

კატეგორია შეფუთვა  შეფუთვა 



Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona


Packaging Innovations Barcelona is he only event where you can meet with packaging design specialists, industry experts, branding and innovation agencies as well as key suppliers who are pushing back the boundaries of packaging design. It is truly dedicated to helping you find the next BIG idea in packaging design indeed it's the onl
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Madrid Boat Show 

კატეგორია სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები  სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

The luxury pleasure boat sector continues to expand dramatically - it now accounts for almost a fifth of global super-yacht sales. Surging luxury boat sales have, in turn, generated massive demand for mooring facilities. Regional seafront developers have responded by building one luxury marina after another.
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