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კატეგორია ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა  ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა 



Amman International Motor Show Center


8th JIMEX is considered as a machinery and electricity exhibition, targetting the markets of Middle East countries. Being organized by Golden Gate For Exhibitions at Amman International Motor Show Center, Jordan, the show will be open both for general public and trade professionals. It is 4 days show which will showcase machinery, steel a
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Georgian marketplace sign up


FOOD Expo - Amman 

კატეგორია საკვები და სასმელი  საკვები და სასმელი 



Zara Expo Amman


FOOD Expo - Amman will provide the perfect platform for visitor and new products, meet with existing and potential new suppliers, stay ahead of competition and display products and services to a targeted & dedicated, qualified audience. This exhibition that put all Jordanian Manufactures and agents in one place to help them
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Inter Build Jordan Fair 

კატეგორია მშენებლობა  მშენებლობა 



Zara Expo Amman


Inter Build Jordan is the only event in Jordan for construction, Building materials, interior design and decoration industry. Inter Build Jordan is an Comprehensive engineering and trading event covering all engineering sectors: Construction, Consultancy, Architecture, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Divisions.
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The MENA Oil & Gas Exhibition 

კატეგორია ქიმიკატები და საღებავები  ქიმიკატები და საღებავები 



Zara Expo Amman


The MENA Oil & Gas Exhibition 2011 over 10,000 like-minded individuals will meet to exchange ideas with their peers - so whether youre looking for new contacts or to reconnect with existing ones The MENA Oil & Gas Exhibition is the perfect platform. The MENA Oil & Gas Exhibition is the ideal independent platform to showcase y
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კატეგორია მშენებლობა  მშენებლობა 



Zara Expo Amman


EMTme 2011 Expo showcases the best enviro-friendly products and services from around the world. It provides a forum for the industry leaders and manufacturers from all over the world to interact and connect with various industry stakeholders and professionals in the region. The Expo will feature an integrated display of the latest eco and
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