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International Graphic & Paper Industry Fair 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Belgrade Fair Grounds


32nd International Raw materials and accessory materials for graphic industry, graphic equipment, spare parts, finished products, graphic services industry Fair. It will be held at Belgrade Fair Grounds between 28 Sep to 01 Oct 2011 & organized by Belgrade Fair.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


International Pulp Paper & Tissue Forum 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 





International Pulp, Paper & Tissue Forum (IPPTF) is an international exhibition for suppliers to the global pulp, paper, and tissue industry. In the exhibition part of the project IPPTF the newest know-hows, engineering decisions and equipment, promoting the task solving in modernization and re-equipment of pulp and paper enterprises,
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International book fair 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Fira De Barcelona Montjuic


Liber-Spain is the leading exhibition devoted to Spanish language publishing and one of the largest international events for the publishing industry. It will provide the setting for an interesting programme of coinciding activities of trade & cultural character, which will bring together a number of outstanding figures from the publis
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Berlin International Stamp Fair 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Messe Berlin


The international stamp-fairs are arranged by the Fair Messe Berlin GmbH. Flagship is the already since 1983 existing international stamp-fair Sindelfingen close to Stuttgart. This international Stamp Fair is the oldest meeting of this kind in Germany and in the whole world.
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Buchmesse Frankfurt 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Messe Frankfurt


Organized by Ausstellungs Und Messe GmbH at Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany, the Buchmesse Frankfurt is 5 days event for books, multimedia and communications. It is recognized as one of the largest fair for taring in various publishing rights and licenses. The fair will be emerged out as a trusted platform for authors, publis
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Arabic Books Exhibition 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Kuwait International Fair Ground


Arabic Books Exhibition is aimed to encourage processes in the book industry, to promote reading attracting public and media's attention to new and revised titles, to strengthen cooperation between Latvian and foreign publishers, to encourage writing promoting the works of Latvian authors. For professionals, it is an excellent opport
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Helsinki Book Fair 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre


The Helsinki Book Fair is an annual event for book lovers which comprises an exhibition and plenty of programme on stages and at stands. The Finnish Antiquarian Booksellers Association will hold its Antiquarian Book Fair at the Helsinki Fair Centre at the same time. The Finnish Fair Foundation will also announce the winner of its annual -
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კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Fiera di Genova


Libridine is the Exhibition for ancient, out-of-print and unostainable books in Italy. This event aims at meeting the needs of both collectors and book enthusiasts by promoting the trade and exchange of books at all levels. The exhibition will be take place at Fiera di Genova.
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International Belgrade Book Fair 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Belgrade Fair Grounds


International Belgrade Book Fair Presentation of domestic and foreign book production and buying and selling of copyrights. In addition to the publishers, the Fair is attended also by booksellers and wholesalers, librarians and many authors at their book promotions. This is the 55th Edition of the event which will be take place in Belgrad
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Book Fair - Krakow 

კატეგორია ქაღალდი  ქაღალდი 



Targi w Krakowie Exhibition Centre


15th Book Fair - Krakow is an important event in Poland. It has always featured many cultural events, including meetings with writers and representatives of the world of culture, science, art & media. This is the 14th edition of the event.
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