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Plymouth Bridal Expo 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



South Shore Expo Center

Plymouth Countyაშშ

Plymouth Bridal Expo is a largest bridal series expo of different cities in the USA. It will focus on the exhibitors glamorous gowns, elegant formal wear, door prizes, fashion shows, live music and entertainment, DJs, photographers, videographers, limousine services and many more visitors will be attract with this expo.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Bella Center


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF 2012) has become Europe's fashion fair no. 1. With the right concept and the right atmosphere, CIFF has recently grown bigger and broader on all counts: visitors, space and collections. CIFF takes places in Bella Center which is located in Copenhagen - close to the airport & close to th
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Expo Optica 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Feria de Madrid

Comunidad De Madridესპანეთი

Expo Optica is your gateway to the optical market of Spain. With the recovery of the Spanish economy, eyewear consumption has been growing strong. Many Infra Expo Optica exhibitors reportes an increase in on-site sales over the previous year, and imports of foreign eyewear and optical products have also been on the rise. All signs indicat
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Hartford Bridal Expo 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Hartford Civic Center


Hartford Bridal Expo aspires to weave traditional dreams with modern fantasies, the result of which is a collection of exquisite designs & motifs.
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The South Florida Bridal Expo 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



South Florida Fairgrounds

Palm Beachაშშ

The South Florida Bridal Expo is the leading trade show for everything related to Wedding Industry. The show will showcase Bridal Gowns & Accessories, Bridemaids, Groom's Wear, Jewelry, Beauty / Hair Services & Products, Photography & Video Production, Floral & Stage Design, Wedding Stationary and Confectionery. This
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The All Things Fashion Expo 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Jackson Convention Complex


The All Things Fashion Expo by Mac's Cove Management is an extraordinary networking event for professional buyers, sellers and those looking for exposure in the fashion industry. The ATF Expo offers an opportunity to showcase all things fashion allied to a larger audience. Lasting for three fabulous days in August, the Expo gives eve
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White Donna Fashion Trade Show 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Superstudio Piu


WHITE Donna fixes the attention on the image: name's image, its 'passing' from written text to a graphic icon, a white rectangle. Image in terms of strategy, the one of a 'different' salon, where a limited number of brands ensure a selected and 'research' atmosphere. Moreover we'd like to underline
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Garment Technology Expo New Delhi 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



NSIC Exhibition Complex

New Delhiინდოეთი

Garment Technology Expo New Delhi provides an interactive platform for participants to generate business through product displays, seminars, conferences and fashion shows. The exhibitors will cover a wide range of machinery manufacturers and service providers in almost all related sectors of fabrics, sewing, knitting, dyeing, laundry, fab
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