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Lagos - მიმდინარე და უახლოესი გამოფენები და ფორუმები ამ ქალაქში
ავტოთარგმანის  ბეტა  ვერსია. თარგმნის ხარისხი შეიძლება არ იყოს კარგი

Nigeria Oil & Gas Technology Exhibition 

კატეგორია ქიმიკატები და საღებავები  ქიმიკატები და საღებავები 



Victoria Islands New Expo Centre


Being hosted at Victoria Islands New Expo Centre, Nigeria Oil & Gas Technology Exhibition is renowned trade fair for oil and gas exhibition. It is 3 days show which will offer unlimited business potential for capitalizing emerging opportunities of Chemicals & Dyes sector. The show will be organized by The CWC Group Limited.
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Fasa Week Student Trade Fair 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



University of Lagos


FASA WEEK 2011 STUDENT TRADE FAIR is an initiative of Faculty of Arts Students' Association (University of Lagos). The event is powered by Seaside Entertainment, Incorporated an Entertainment and Event Management Company that specializes in youth and students products branding and marketing.
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West African Health 

კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



The New Expo Centre


West African Health (Expo) is the leading health care event in West Africa which brings manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors together with some of the most important and influential decision-makers in the African healthcare world. Unveiled in 2006, as the first ever health business event/forum that brought together the key
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Nigeria Com 

კატეგორია ტელეკომუნიკაცია  ტელეკომუნიკაცია 



Eko Meridien Hotel Expo Centre


Nigeria Com is the biggest trade fair & conference dedicated to Africa's largest telecoms market. It will be held at Eko Meridien Hotel Expo Centre from 20 to 21 Sep 2011. Its unified licensing regime and the high level of investment it attracts from local and international companies alike.
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Nigerian Real Estate Fair 

კატეგორია უძრავი ქონების აგენტები  უძრავი ქონების აგენტები 



Victoria Islands New Expo Centre


The 6th Edition of the Nigerian Real Estate Fair is proposed to be a remarkable experience and Business opportunities both locally and internationally, which enables the expansion of your business frontiers, through the showcasing of your businesses unique products and services; whilst supporting the drive of a customer acquisition strate
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