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Factory supply top-q 2ml injectable hyaluronic acid ha filler for nose shaping  -  14.08.2017
წარმოშობის ადგილი: China
მოდელი: 2ML 1ml
ბრენდის დასახელება: Top-Q
სერთიფიკატები: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
განთავსების თარიღი: 14.08.2017
აღწერა: This is Ashili from Qufu Hi-tech, our company is specialzied in hyaluronic acid dermal filler for many years in high quality with low price.

Our Top-Q filler are all made by 100% pure cross linked hyaluronc acid in safe and stable effect for fact life. There are 4 type: Fine/Derm/Deep/Ultra Deep in 1ml/box and 2ml/box.

Top-Q Super Fine (L) –Correction of thin superficial lines(crow's-feet,wrinkles on one's forehead)
Top-Q Super Derm (L) – For correcting of moderate wrinkle( lip filling and moderate lines around the lip, like cheilogramma)
Top-Q Super Deep (L) –For correcting facial deep wrinkles and folds (the lines around the nose, like nasolabial folds)
Top-Q Super Ultra Deep (L) – For correcting of deeper facial wrinkles and folds (cheek filing or remove lines on the neck)

Any interesting, please fell free to contact me i will do my best to satisfied you.
ფასი: FOB $35/2ml
მინიმალური შეკვეთა: 1 piece
შეფუთვა: 1ml/box 2ml/box
გადახდის ფორმა: Weatunion Money gram
გადახდის პირობები: before
მიწოდების ფორმა: 12000 pcs per month
მიწოდების დრო: 12000 pcs per month
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