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Wyx series drink mixer  -  09.03.2012
წარმოშობის ადგილი: China
მოდელი: WYX series
სერთიფიკატები: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
განთავსების თარიღი: 09.03.2012
აღწერა: WYH series beverage mixer has the reasonable structure, high precision mix, plenty CO2 mix, also has the excellence of two times cooling and twice carbonation. Mainly applies to all carbonated beverages mixed processing, and can also be used for other beverages. It is the main equipment in complete equipments of carbonated beverage manufacturing.
Top quality material and excellent manufacturing:
All parts contacting with the beverage are all made of top quality stainless steel and internal and external surfaces are polished, in additional to these, the machine meets the regulation of foodstuff.
Automatic operation and stable function:
Automatically high: with micro-machine controlling and it will auto-alarm and stop when failures happen.
Convenient operation and easy adjusting:
This machine is only operated by start-up buttons according to regulated procedure that is normal operation; otherwise, it can adjust the capability and the ratio of water to sugar conveniently without changing the components.
Average mixing and correct ratio:
Due to adopt advanced process of once mixing, it is mixed regularly; and the well controlled flowing meter can trim water and syrup mixing ration, in which the mixing precision error will be less than 2%.
Deoxidization carbonization and high carbon content:
This machine adopts vacuumed deoxidization, and so the deoxidization ratio is high; in addition, products with high carbon content which is 4.0 usually because of twice cooling and carbonization.
Clean structure and easily rinsing:
Structure sanitation: the machine adopts close system made of stainless steel, it has the ability to satisfy in situ washing device to wash devices and pipes with thimerosal and hot water so that the beverages will reach the hygiene requirements.
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