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Shenzhen Mibils Precision Co., LTD.

No. 1134, Guan’guang Road, Xinshiqiao, Guihua Community, Guanlan, Longhua new district, Shenzhen,


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Contact Information
Company Name: Shenzhen Mibils Precision Co., LTD.
Contact Person: Summer chen
Address: No. 1134, Guan’guang Road, Xinshiqiao, Guihua Community, Guanlan, Longhua new district, Shenzhen,, Shenzhen, Guangdong
ZIP Code: 518000
Phone Number: 86-755-28527732-0
Fax Number: 86-755-89356455-0
Mobile Number: 86-755-13040828858-0
Products - Sevices: Variable Data Label, Tamper Evident Labels, High Temperature Label,Name Plate,ESD Labels, Cryogenic Label, Weather Resistant Labels, Shipping Labels,
Latest Products - Sevices
 Preprinted permanent adhesive waterproof barcodes labels  Custom color anti-fake reflected security hologram stickers label for anti-couterfeiting  25um50um laminated high temperature heat proof die cut paper label stickers for notebook battery  Printing permanent adhesive high temperature label 300c with 2d qr code for electronics and  Fancy name plates sticker personalized namplate for laptop notebook computer
 Long-lasting wrap around wire identification labels for cable  Affordable pre-printed pharma vitman bottle labelling sticker labels for healthcare medicine  Self adhesive tamper evident security sealing tape, anti-counterfeit tape, warranty voiding tape  Factory direct sale adhesive pharmaceutical pharmacy labels  Unique 3d hologram laser tamper proof asset tracking labels property id labels tag
 Low residue ultra destructible vinyl single sided tamper evident id asset security tags labels with  3d self-voiding tamper resistant hologram warranty labels for jars with consecutive number and  Supreme security anti-counterfeiting tamper proof one-time use vinyl warranty labels and seals  Pressure sensitive adhesive high temperature flame retardant labels  Tear proof high flame retardant battery labels and decals for electronics products
 Self adhesive printing flame retardant lithium ion battery stickers lithium cell safety signs labels  Clearly printing anti-static & esd certified sticker labels for static-sensitive devices  Custom design self-adhesive plastic name plates stickers signs for electrical industry

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