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Chongqing biofix trading Co.,Ltd

Gate 4-2 18th Olympic stadium center, jiulongpo district, Chongqing city, China


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Contact Information
Company Name: Chongqing biofix trading Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Lijuan Chen
Address: Gate 4-2 18th Olympic stadium center, jiulongpo district, Chongqing city, China, Chongqing, Sichuan
ZIP Code: 400051
Phone Number: 86-23-68632004-0
Fax Number: 86-23-62771130-0
Mobile Number: 86-23-13594385284-0
Products - Sevices: Pixian Broad Bean Paste,Dried Chili Pepper,Sichuan Pepper,Cane Pepper Oil,Cooking Spices,Cooking Sauces
Latest Products - Sevices
 Round bottled packaging sichuan / pixian broad bean paste mixed vegetables dish seasoning  Pixian red sichuan chengdu dandan brand broad bean paste with dried shrimp flavour have a little  Paper tube packaging broad bean paste with dried shrimp flavour adding dishes and suitable for  Glass bottles packing pickled green chili to make pickled fish, made of pickle wind claws,can be  Square plastic bottle packing chopped chilli can eat with rice,for duojiaoyutou, and can be used as
 Er jing tiao dried pepper is used in in hot pot and dry pot,sichuan cuisine as a seasoning  Sichuan no food preservatives for specification dried red crushed chili peppers  Premium great ingredient for superior flavor spicy element dried chopped chili  100% natural red sichuan pepper -chinese traditional sichuan cooking szechuan style pepper,can  As very good seasoning red sichuan pepper is mainly used for hot pot recipe, cooking, stew and other
 Best famous top grade spicy fresh sichuan cane pepper oil(tengjiaoyou) make spicy cuisine and  100% pure natural seasoned litsea oil as seasoning vegetable oil for making dipping sauce and  Famous natural organic star anise condiment chinese spices whole spice superior quality  Common spices star anise (illicium verum) can used as a spice and as medicine,for pork and chicken  New premium quality 100% organic whole fresh picked bay leaves cooking stews chinese spice
 Dried bay leaves for many cooking recipes added to stews, roasts or sauces etc  Well-known organic chinese cinnamon sticks price and chinese spices herbs food health benefit  Most important and popular spices cinnamon is used in cookery as a condiment and flavoring material  Flavor mellow unique marinate sauce, can be used for daily home cooking indispensable spice meat or  Best value super delicious sichuan flavors hot fish seasoning for fish

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