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10ml top-q syringe packing face lift buttock breast enlargement hyaluronic acid dermal filler  -  14.08.2017
Place Of Origin: China
Model: 1ml ,10ml
Brand Name: Top-Q
Certifications: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
Posted on: 14.08.2017
Description: This is Ashili from Qufu Hi-tech, our company is specialzied in hyaluronic acid dermal filler for many years in high quality with low price.

Our filler are all made by 100% pure cross linked hyaluronc acid in safe and stable effect for fact life. They are 4 type: Fine/Derm/Deep/Ultra Deep /Subskin. There are 10ml,50ml,100ml syringe packing and 50ml,100ml bottle packing.

Fine –Correction of thin superficial lines(crow's-feet,wrinkles on one's forehead)
Derm – For correcting of moderate wrinkle( lip filling and moderate lines around the lip, like cheilogramma)
Deep –For correcting facial deep wrinkles and folds (the lines around the nose, like nasolabial folds)
Ultra Deep) – For correcting of deeper facial wrinkles and folds (cheek filing or remove lines on the neck)

Subskin line is for buttock and breast enlargement

Any interesting, please fell free to contact me i will do my best to satisfied you.
Price: FOB $80
Minimum Orders: 1pc
Packing: 10ml/box
Price Terms: bank
Payment Terms: Westunion MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 12000pc/month
Delivery Time: 12000pc/month
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