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Eso-Natura Fair lindau 

Category Ayurvedic & Herbal  Ayurvedic & Herbal 




19-08-2011  21-08-2011

Ayurvedic & Herbal 

Eso-Natura Fair lindau is going to be great opportunity to discover the field of natural and supernatural medicine. The event will provide a perfect chance to the visitors to explore the world of mysticism and healing. The visitors will be able to find a wide range of health products and services at the fair. The event will also help them to learn new ideas. The Eso-Natura Fair Olten is being seen as a place which will provide a platform to the exhibitors to showcase their products and to not only increase their profit but also increase their business in new areas.

Visitors: The people who believe in natural medicine & supernatural power will be seen in the event with a ray of hope to be benefitted. The people aspiring to learn the art and therapies involved in the supernatural healing, and want to become healers will also look forward to participate in the event. People from other associated fields are also expected to attend the fair.

Exhibitors: The event will be participated by the international organizations dealing in naturopathy as well as supernatural methods to cure. The exhibitors at the fair will consist of practitioners of alternative therapies such as supernatural healing, faith healers, Feng Shui consultants and Reiki specialists. Tarot card readers, clairvoyants, Iris readers and people specializing in making aura photos will also demonstrate their skills at the event.


ESOnatura Fair 

Gallery Buddha Palace, Ludwigstr. 26/ecke Reichsplatz, D-88131 Lindau 26/ecke Empire Square, Lindau, Lindau, Germany
Phone +(+49)-(8382)-2776082   

Organizer Profile:

Ayurvedic & Herbal, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Household Consumables, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Posted by newsadmin | 10 May 2011, 20:49 | Trade Shows and Forums »

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