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SINAL Exhibition 

Category Plant & Machinery  Plant & Machinery 

Foire de Chalons en Champagne 



Foire de Chalons en Champagne
03-05-2011  04-05-2011

Plant & Machinery 

SINAL Exhibition is the first professional meetings for agricultural resource non-feed valuation, in a sustainable development approach. Today, agricultural production adapts and diversifies itself to meet sustainable development challenges. Agricultural resources become major investments for our future when facing the programmed disappearance of fossil resources. These new non-feed business opportunities also meet the urgent need to limit greenhouse effect gases.

Visitors: Project directors, R&D, HQSE (Hygiene,Quality, security, Environment), Technologists or chemists in automotive, chemistry, cosmetics, textiles, paper mills, packaging are the target visitors.

Exhibitors: Nationals and internationals firms working on Bio-energies, Agricultural materials, Fractionation.


Adhesion Group 

35/37 rue des Abondances, Boulogne, France
Phone +(33)-(1)-41864127    Fax +(33)-(1)-46045761   

Organizer Profile:

Agriculture & Forest, Agriculture & Forest, Agriculture & Forest, Agriculture & Forest, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Food & Beverage, Plant & Machinery, Railway, Shipping & Aviation

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