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2021 nanhai pan home furnishing industry expo  -  25.05.2021
Place Of Origin: Guangzhou
Certifications: Other
Posted on: 25.05.2021
Description: Date: July 9th-12th, 2021
Venue: ALU-EXPO, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

China Pan Home Furnishing Industry Export Volume Exceeded ¥403.86bn
Latest data show that in 2020, China’s pan home furnishing industry achieved an export volume of 403.86 billion yuan, of which, furniture export accounted for 159.8 billion yuan, and building materials 174.9 billion yuan. Nanhai District of Foshan City is the biggest pan home furnishing product maker in China, with over 40000 related enterprises located in this district registering a yearly output value of over 300 billion yuan.

Preview of Pan Home Expo 2021
Co-organized by 16 Nanhai trade associations covering the whole industry chain, our show will mainly showcase furnishing solutions for nine scenarios, which are high-end residence, urban residence, new-generation small residence, rustic B&B, hotel, office, school and hospital, public space, and future residence.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, a New Product Launch Event & Livestream will be held concurrently to bring overseas buyers in touch with quality Chinese suppliers and the latest products.

By this April, the show has attracted scores of major brands in the field, such as Xinruncheng Ceramics, Monalisa Tiles, SHKL Sanitary Ware, Guang Ya Aluminum, Wacang Aluminum, Jinxianhua Furniture, SHERMA Doors & Windows, GY Architectural Hardware, Yuanzhicheng Weaving, Vita-Textile Group, JOM Time Lighting, Cnlight, ASANO Group, Sonbo Electrical Alappliance, Suilong Mattress, and so forth.

Exhibition Scope
∙Aluminum profiles, aluminum home furnishing, aluminum windows and doors;
∙Smart home solutions, home appliances, lighting, electric fans;
∙Related production equipment, molds;
∙Ceramic products;
∙Furniture, redwood furniture;
∙Textiles, home textiles, under garments, shoes, and etc.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
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