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Shop next 2020  -  29.02.2020
Place Of Origin: Guangzhou
Model: Shop Next 2020
Brand Name: Shop Next 2020
Posted on: 29.02.2020
Description: Shop Next 2020, a retail exhibition on technological innovations transforming brick-and-mortar retail stores, will be held in Hall 11-12 IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand from 9-11 September 2020.
Why Shop Next 2020?
1. Co-organized by Thai Retailer Association and compass exhibition company,
Shop Next will attract the leading retailers from Thailand and Southeast Asia countries.
2. Shop Next 2020 is a professional B2B exhibition in Southeast Asia which you can not only explore new markets in Southeast Asia,
but also let you contact the store's solution providers.
3. New techs will be shown in this big show, which involves 5G techs, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services.
All these new technologies can improve the customer’s experience in your retail store and will help you attract more customers.
Price: $410
Minimum Orders: 18㎡
Price Terms: bank
Payment Terms: before
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