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ავტოთარგმანის  ბეტა  ვერსია. თარგმნის ხარისხი შეიძლება არ იყოს კარგი

China Sourcing Fair - Medical & Health Products 

კატეგორია მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა  მედიცინა და ფარმაცევტიკა 



AsiaWorld - Expo

Hong Kongჰონგკონგი

Medical & Pharmaceutical industry trade fair.China Sourcing Fair - Medical & Health Products showcases the rapidly progressing scenario of the pharmaceutical industry of South Africa. A large number of International companies will provide the global overview of this sector with new innovations and research techniques.
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Georgian marketplace sign up



კატეგორია ქიმიკატები და საღებავები  ქიმიკატები და საღებავები 



Accra International Conference Centre


Goilfest will offer a best opportunity to meet all the oil and gas industries professionals under one roof at the Accra International Conference Centre. This prestigious event will be held between 21-23 April 2011. For three days the exhibition is being organized by Shem Service Ltd.
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კატეგორია ლითონი და მინერალები  ლითონი და მინერალები 



Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)


INTERMOLD provides the best source of knowledge, opportunity and experience, the national top conference and seminar holding on hot topics of the industry plus the technology presentation by top leading companies in order to increase the people's potential.
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Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show 

კატეგორია მოგზაურობა და ტურიზმი  მოგზაურობა და ტურიზმი 



T-Modul Exhibition Hall


Golf Travel is one of the largest growing sectors of tourism and Russia is no exception with more people playing every year. As the economy in Russia improves, general tourism has expanded at a dramatic rate especially in the luxury travel segment.
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Moscow Golf Show 

კატეგორია სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები  სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები 



T-Modul Exhibition Hall


Moscow Golf Show will provides the unique opportunity to meet all the professional form the Golf Sports sector industry under one roof. The exhibition will be held between 22 to 23 April 2011 at T-Modul Exhibition Hall which is being organized by aiGroup.
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კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

Dubaiარაბთა გაერთიანებული საემიროები

Dubai Fashion Week is a pioneering trade event for the regional fashion industry. Dubai Fashion Week is aimed at bringing together major professionals of the fashion industry by providing them a single platform. The show will be full of full of opportunities for the local and regional designers and fashion houses to present their collecti
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Rock Culture Con 

კატეგორია მუსიკალური ინსტრუმენტები  მუსიკალური ინსტრუმენტები 



Kansas City Convention Center

Kansas Cityაშშ

Rock Culture Con will be attended by fringe trend setters and authorities /celebrities in rock culture that affect their social networks and trends of tomorrow. It will occur April 23rd, 2011 at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium. Rock Culture Con is a Rock Festival, Tattoo Convention, and Counter Culture Trade Show.
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Gingerbread Arts & Crafts Show Maplewood 

კატეგორია საჩუქრები და რეწვა  საჩუქრები და რეწვა 



Maplewood Mall


Gingerbread Arts & Crafts Show Maplewood is one of the leading and most popular trade fair in America for the Arts, Crafts and Gift Items. The show will provide its exhibitors an excellent platform to display their innovative creative products, gift items and designs. This three days expo is being organized by Gingerbread Shows, and w
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Western Trade Days 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Tioga Museum & Heritage Association

Texas Cityაშშ

Western Trade Days is the exhibition for commercial businesses, ranch and individual entrepreneurs, flea marketers, garage sellers, arts and crafts masters, and more. The exhibition will be held on 23 Apr, 2011 at Open Lot in Downtown Tioga. The event is being organized by Tioga Museum & Heritage Association.
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Cosmobeaute Vietnam 

კატეგორია კოსმეტიკა  კოსმეტიკა 



Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

Ho Chi Minh Cityვიეტნამი

Cosmobeaute Vietnam is the international exhibition on cosmetics, beauty and spa sector in Vietnam. This is the 4th edition of the event which will attract thousands of visitors from different parts of the globe. The venue for the event will be at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) and being organized by ECMI Services Sdn Bh
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