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Summer - Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show-Rosemont 

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გამართ. ადგილი:

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 



5555 N. River Road Rosemont, Rosemont
21-07-2011  24-07-2011

თვლები და სამკაული 

The Jewelery Fashion & Accessories Show-Rosemont (JF&A) is the place for finding amazing products at fantastic prices, discovering upcoming & current trends as well as timeless pieces of fashion accessories. As a growing market, the trade event serves as the perfect platform for exhibitors to gain access to thousands of old and new buyers at the exhibition. Jewelery Fashion & Accessories Show-Rosemont will have hundreds of vendors and will also offer retail value at wholesale prices. JF & A has been a pioneering exhibition and a trusted name for buyers for more than thirty years. It prides itself as being the trade event for displaying the most stylish, modern and latest designs in fine jewelry, costume jewelry, fashions, accessories and home decor.

Coverage Area: 840000 Square Feet

Visitors: Jewelery Fashion & Accessories Show-Rosemont will be visited by prominent importers/exporters, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, department/chain stores, mail order houses related to the field of fashion jewellery, fashion accessories and fashion jewellery materials.

Exhibitors: Jewelery Fashion & Accessories Show-Rosemont will showcase a fine display of jewelry and fashion accessories such as Fine Jewelry: Gold, platinum, sterling silver,diamonds, pearls and a wide selection of precious gemstones. Costume Jewelry:Beads, semi-precious stones, magnetic jewelry, gold and silver plated jewelry, and many fashionable necklaces,bracelets, earrings and rings. Accessories: Hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, sweaters, handbags, cosmetics,hair accessories, spa and beautycare sunglasses and perfume. Fashion:Leather jackets, furs, shearlings, knitwear, women?s clothing for every occasion as well as t-shirts, dresses, pants and much more. Home Decor & Gifts:Home d?cor, candles, specialty foods and holiday treats, beauty care and decorative accessories. Gemologist Service:A registered, independent gemologist service is on-site for verifying the quality and value of the product.

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Trans World Exhibits, Inc. 

1850, Oak, Northfield, აშშ
Phone +(1)-(847)-4468434    Fax +(1)-(847)-4463523   

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