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FFANY New York Shoe Expo 

კატეგორია ტყავი და ტყავის პროდუქცია  ტყავი და ტყავის პროდუქცია 
გამართ. ადგილი:

New York Hilton Hotel 


New Yorkაშშ

1335 Avenue of the Americas, (6th Avenue between W. 53rd and W. 54th),, New York
07-06-2011  09-06-2011

ტყავი და ტყავის პროდუქცია 


Ffany Shoe Expo will be one the largest expo related to the foot wear industry. It will be the only exhibition which provides the professionals the opportunity to showcase the product and services to the visitors. Around 300 shoes manufacturing companies will come from the different parts of the country. Apart from that lots of the countries will be coming to exhibit their products to the visitors. This exhibition has its own importance in the country. The significance of the show can be assumed by evaluating the steady increase in the number of the visitors to the show every year. Ffany Shoe Expo will provide a good opportunity for the visitors to see and know about the latest trends and developments happening in the foot wear industry.

Coverage Area: 150,000 Square Feet

Visitors: Thousands of visitors will gather in Ffany Shoe Expo from across the world and they will be able to witness a wide range of fashion and sports footwear, handbags, accessories from all the renowned brands and designer labels. Apart from that the key decision makers of some renowned companies linked to this industry will also visit the show. The event will be attended by independent owners, boutique buyers, department store merchants and industry press.

Exhibitors: A lot of exhibitors will participate in Ffany Shoe Expo from different parts of the country as well as from abroad linked to foot wear industry. Exhibitors profile will consists of marketing experts and promoters, foot wear business owners, showroom owners, Hotel showroom owners, distributors for the foot wears products, manufacturers of the foot wear products, all the professionals from foot wear industry. Dealers who are involved in the industry will also be part of the show.

გაუზიარე სხვებს:


Fashion Footwear Association of New York 

1414, Avenue of the Americas, Suite, New York, აშშ
Phone +(1)-(212)-7516422    Fax +(1)-(212)-7516404   

ორგანიზატორის პროფილი:

ტყავი და ტყავის პროდუქცია, ტყავი და ტყავის პროდუქცია

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