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Pennsylvania Convention Center

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Chemspec USA 

კატეგორია ქიმიკატები და საღებავები  ქიმიკატები და საღებავები 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


Chemspec USA goes from strength to strength as the only dedicated event targeted at and delivering high quality custom, fine and speciality chemicals professionals. Chemspec continues to grow, welcoming more visitors and exhibitors from Europe, Asia, USA, North Africa and the Middle East, ensuring our exhibitors receive the widest possibl
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Lightfair International 

კატეგორია ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა  ელექტრონიკა და ელექტროობა 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


Lightfair International is North America's premiere annual Lighting industry event.It is meant for architectural and commercial lighting products and services. Showcasing LIGHT in all its aspects, Lightfair International offers a complete diverse range of applications, high-end design and modern cutting edge technology.
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ISTE Conference & Exposition 

კატეგორია განათლება და ტრეინინგი  განათლება და ტრეინინგი 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


The ISTE Conference & Exposition is one of the renowned education and networking events which focuses on the latest education trends especially focusing on the technology education. The event is well incorporated with several educational programs and symposia each having prime concerns on different sectors of education. It focuses on
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Ag Progress Days 

კატეგორია სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა  სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


Ag Progress Days or popularly known as APD has the unique distinction of being the largest outdoor agricultural exposition in Pennsylvania. The event consists of display of latest technology, research exhibits, educational programs and guided tours. The event brings to the table the latest research information on best management practices
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Philadelphia Expo 

კატეგორია სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები  სპორტი, თამაშები და სათამაშოები 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


Philadelphia Expo is one of the largest coin and collectibles trade fair organized in the US. It provides the unique opportunity to collectors to witness as well as get their hands on a wide range of rare and old coins and currencies all under the same roof. Philadelphia Expo brings together leading numismatic professionals, archeologist
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The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Philadelphia 

კატეგორია კოსმეტიკა  კოსმეტიკა 



Pennsylvania Convention Center


The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Philadelphia is the largest American trade show for aesthetic, spa and medi-spa professionals. The exhibition will showcase latest products for beauty and cosmetic industry. This four days event is being organized by Aesthetic Expo.
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