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Quebec - მიმდინარე და უახლოესი გამოფენები და ფორუმები ამ ქალაქში
ავტოთარგმანის  ბეტა  ვერსია. თარგმნის ხარისხი შეიძლება არ იყოს კარგი

Security Canada East 

კატეგორია სამრეწველო საქონელი  სამრეწველო საქონელი 



Sheraton Laval Hotel


Security Canada East is one of the enormous shows linked with the security industry. The show has been serving the industry for past 30 year. It is one of the largest expo in the eastern region of Canada. Basically the show is designed for the security companies either in terms of physical, electronic or information technology. In the sho
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Esthetique Spa International-Quebec 

კატეგორია კოსმეტიკა  კოსმეტიკა 



Quebec City Convention Centre


Esthetique Spa International-Quebec is the 2nd edition of the session which will showcase latest products for beauty and cosmetic industry. The event will attract many visitors and 35,000 program distribution with 175 booths from different parts of the Canada and around the world. The trade show will be held two days from 12-13 Jun, 2011
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Contech Quebec 

კატეგორია მშენებლობა  მშენებლობა 



Quebec Centre de Foires


Quebec Centre de Foires is a Trade Show bringing a whole Host of Suppliers of Leading-Edge Products and Services for the Design, Construction and Management of Institutional, Industrial and Residential Buildings. It will be held at Quebec Centre de Foires & being organized by Contech Canada.
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Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum Trade Show 

კატეგორია ლითონი და მინერალები  ლითონი და მინერალები 



L Hotel Gouverneur Le Noranda


Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum Trade Show abbreviated as CIM is a leading event that aimed at highlighting the environmental, technological and social issues that the mining and petroleum industry faces on the whole. Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum Trade Show stands out as an economicall
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The National Women Show-Quebec 

კატეგორია ტანსაცმელი  ტანსაცმელი 



Quebec Centre de Foires


The National Women's Show offers a fantastic day out with girlfriends to relax, get pampered, and have fun! Highlights of the event include great shopping at over 150 exhibits, free samples, fabulous shopping, exciting entertainment, free makeovers, fashion shows, informative workshops, cooking theatre demos, food and wine sampling,
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Demo International 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



Saint Raymond


Demo International is the international exhibition and conference dedicated exclusively on Business Services and asset management industry in Asia. It provides you with a personal way to do business and meeting with so many targeted buyers in one place at one time. Hosted by Master Promotions Limited.
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