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Ahmedabad - მიმდინარე და უახლოესი გამოფენები და ფორუმები ამ ქალაქში
ავტოთარგმანის  ბეტა  ვერსია. თარგმნის ხარისხი შეიძლება არ იყოს კარგი

The Future Shop 

კატეგორია კომპიუტერი და IT  კომპიუტერი და IT 





The Future Shop presents concepts of global technology providers with futuristic retail prototypes, With both operational and aesthetic aspects of retail evolving into a science in more ways than one, technology is necessarily playing out a dominant role in managing the complexities of modern-day commerce. Technology subsumes every aspect
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Georgian marketplace sign up


Engineering Expo-Ahmedabad 

კატეგორია მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა  მებაღეობა, ტექნიკა 



Gujarat University Exhibition Hall


Engineering Expo provides a perfect opportunity for Indian & Foreign companies to exhibit their products and services, interact with buyers and sellers and make new tie-ups. Engineering Expo, will be spread across 1,00,000 sq ft, with 400 + participants and an estimated 65,000 footfalls including a flurry of engineers, technocrats, ma
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Sugar Asia 

კატეგორია სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა  სოფლის მეურნეობა, მეტყევეობა 





The Sugar Asia is a renowned only international exhibition for sugar, Distillery, Ethanol, Co-generation and Cane farming in throughout the South Asia. The Nexgen Exhibitions Private Limited has organized the event in New Delhi, India and provides complete view to sugar & downstream industry. It is 3 days event which proves to be an o
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Energy Expo Ahmedabad 

კატეგორია ბიზნეს მომსახურება  ბიზნეს მომსახურება 



University Grounds


After the tremendous success of first four editions of Energy Expo, CII is pleased to announce its 5th edition of Energy Expo 2011, which will be held between 1 and 3 December 2011 at Ahmedabad. The exhibition will showcase the latest and emerging technology, for this segment of industry. The Exhibition will be visited by the decision ma
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Hardware Show Ahmedabad 

კატეგორია ინსტრუმენტები  ინსტრუმენტები 





Hardware Show Ahmedabad is an International Trade Fair for the hardware and tools industries in India. This international platform is a new one-stop-shop for tools, security, locks and fittings, home improvement and DIY. Being organized by SkyTech Business Technology, Hardware Show Ahmedabad will be held in Ahmedabad from 18 to 21 Dec 201
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Inside Outside Megashow-Ahmedabad 

კატეგორია არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება  არქიტექტურა და პროექტირება 



Gujarat University Exhibition Hall


Inside Outside Megashow-Ahmedabad, the flagship production of Business India Exhibition is the largest event of the interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries. Inside Outside Megashow is the integration of three of the industry's leading shows : Intex , an interiors show. Buildmat an annual event
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Khadhya Khurak 

კატეგორია საკვები და სასმელი  საკვები და სასმელი 



University Grounds


Khadhya Khurak 2012 is organized for the 9th time in India with an Objective to Expose the state of Art Equipments, Products & Services from the Food Processing, Dairy, Bakery, Namkeen, Ingredients, Health Food, Chocolate, Consultancy, Herbal Ayurveds Retailing, Franchies, Sweets, Packaging, Refrigerations, & Hotel industries. The
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The India International Textile Show 

კატეგორია ტექსტილი, ქსოვილები  ტექსტილი, ქსოვილები 





The India International Textile Show is a unique online international trade show showcasing outstanding companies from the entire Indian textile and clothing value chain. Supported by CITI and its member associations, it is the most cost-effective method to increase brand awareness, establish new markets, sign new contracts and reach desi
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Indian Ceramics 

კატეგორია მშენებლობა  მშენებლობა 



Ahmedabad Exhibition Centre


Indian Ceramics will be targeted specifically at the supply side of the industry,and will attract tile, tableware and sanitary ware manufacturers not just from Gujarat, but also from the wider sub-continental region and neighboring countries.
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