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Home Textile 

კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Damascus International Fairground


Syrian carpet, textile, and home linen industries are historically famed for their pedigree, those industries have gained new added value with the introduction of the latest technologies, production lines and equipments,, which led to the production of various prominent products that cater to the different tastes and needs of consumers bo
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Georgian marketplace sign up



კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Flanders Expo Ghent


Countryside is the fair for the country lifestyle, where each year you'll find a thousand and one tasteful ideas for organizing and decorating your house and garden. More than 300 exhibitors display their finest products and services. Year after year there is a continuing interest in country living, and thousands of visitors are attr
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კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)


Japantex is Japan's Largest International Interior Design, Interior Decorating and Home Textiles Exhibition. It is a platform where Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers of Interior Industry meet.
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TV TecStyle Visions 

კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Stuttgart Neue Messe


TV TecStyle Visions is an international meeting place for the market players from textile decorating industry. TV TecStyle Visions offers for the sectors of textile production, embroidery, textile printing, flocking, as well as advertising and promotion for the exchange of information.
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The Great Big Home & Garden Expo 

კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Cleveland International Exposition Center (IX Center)


This show offers fun for the whole family and is a great family outing. This show is produced by Marketplace Events, the largest home show producer in North America. With shows in New York, Philadelphia and Montreal Marketplace Events offers professionalism, integrity & worldwide resources that produce one of the finest shows in all o
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Global Shop 

კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 



Sands Expo & Convention Center

Las Vegasაშშ

Global Shop is the only retail show that can provide you with over 900 exhibitors showcasing their cutting-edge designs in the retail industry. Eighty-two percent of past GlobalShop attendees surveyed found a new product or service in the exhibit hall that they anticipate using in the near future.
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MebelExpo Uzbekistan 

კატეგორია საოჯახო ტექსტილი  საოჯახო ტექსტილი 





MebelExpo Uzbekistan aims to boost the development of the domestic furniture market, cementing of business ties among manufacturers, trade companies and consumers, and realization of creative ideas of furniture designers. MebelExpo Uzbekistan helps in raising the quality and competitiveness and allows establishing strong international tie
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